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Business Agility Coaching 

For building high-performing, autonomous teams  

In a complex environment there is no simple or a single solution that will work. If you try to "Install" an agile method and execute on that, it is likely that you will meet a lot of resistance and the complete opposite of flow.

Understanding the principles of flow, collaboration and learning, helps the team to find common ground and achieve better results. To build this understanding I use experiential learning through simulations. This makes learning fun, engaging and thought provoking.

Could this be something for your team?



Your Team

Is struggling with completing work, there is too much work going on at the same time

You have attempted to apply agile techniques, but are not achieving the results 

At times you experience disengaged team members in your regular meetings, people don`t speak up and at times there is tension and frustration of not getting the right progress

You have important deadlines to reach, and really need to get things right and you are willing to take the needed steps to get there 

There is interest in creating an improvement culture and making things even better, you are just not sure how


What you want

Create a culture and environment that is collaborative, positive, and fun

Create an environment where difficult conversations happen

Ensure everyone pulls in the same direction 

Focus and prioritize on what matters most 

Co-create your improvements and way of work that fits your culture 

Deliver the right things at the right time





Who is this for? 

This training is for any team that want to increase their agility, improve flow, collaboration, learning, and deliver better business outcomes. If you want to kick-start or re-start your team agility and want your team to build stronger agile capabilities and improve collaboration, these simulations will help you with that.

Experiential learning is a way of learning where you can experience, observe, think and experiment in a safe environment. It makes learning fun, interactive, and engaging.

Read more about the three simulations I facilitate below.

Okaloa Team Flow

Ensure that your team can deliver the right thing at the right time by learning in a safe-to-fail environment using simulation to understand the mechanics of how work works. 

Pre-requisite: None

Okaloa Competence Flow

 Avoid bottleneck situations by learning through simulating how you can work on the flow of competency within your team and across teams. 

Pre-requisite: Team Flow

Okaloa Scaling Across Teams

When you and your team know how to ensure flow within your team for both work and competency you are ready to scale this across teams. Learn how with this simulation.

Pre-requisite: Competence Flow

Want to increase your Business Agility? 

In this training you will learn Kanban Principles in practice.  We focus on how we can organize work to deliver better and faster.

We focus on flow, collaboration and learning the core capabilities for business agility. It is fun, engaging, thought provoking and can be held as physical workshops or fully remote.

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