Purpose and Fulfillment  

Receive my 365 Purpose and Fulfillment Program 

This program is for anyone who would love to live a fulfilled life by finding and living your unique purpose. 


After completing this program you will know how to: 
  • Live in alignment with your unique purpose
  • Develop your potentials
  • Upgrade your belief system 
  • Use your core values to prioritize 
  • Enjoy fulfillment in life and at work 


With The Fulfillment Toolset you will: 
  • Define your Inner Leader
  • Create your life purpose statement 
  • Map out your mission (Vision + Action) 
  • Define your core values
  • Uncover your potentials 
  • Discover and let go of inherited and systemic values
  • Stay connected to yourself
  • Understand your best next step forward
  • Use your imagination to visualize and create 
In the program you will experience: 
  • Self-discovery and increased self-awareness 
  • Access to unconscious and intuitive knowledge that exists in you 
  • Self-reflection, deep learning and connection to your intuition 
  • Objective sources for learning and growth
This Virtual Program Includes 12 Month access to:
  • Weekly group coaching with Professional Coach Andrea Altier
  • Private virtual community with access to Purposeful Leaders  
  • Monthly Purpose and Fulfillment check-in 
  • The Fulfillment Toolset with Online Training 
  • Weekly feedback and support 
  • Resources, audio, video and worksheets 
  • Bonus 1: +5 Private one-to-one coaching session with Professional Coach Andrea Altier  
  • Bonus 2: Personal Astrological Chart for your Life Purpose Development 



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