Privacy Statement and Policy / Personvernerklæring

This privacy statement applies to Coach Andrea Altier for the website I want to focus on and respect your information in my practice as a course instructor and coach. Trust is the basis of everything I do, and I want to practice transparency about how I use your data and you can contact me at any time and request the deletion of your data. I strive to pursue an ethical, open and honest practice that safeguards your interests first and foremost.

The privacy statement says something about how the information you share with me through signing up and attending courses, or using my coaching services.

Responsible for data processing

This statement applies to Coach Andrea Altier who is responsible for the processing of personal data in the company Andrea Altier with organization number 927 288 508. Coach Andrea Altier can be contacted by e-mail: [email protected] 


Purpose and basis for data processing

Personal information that is collected is name, e-mail, telephone number, etc. The data I collect depends on which services you use, for example whether you buy courses or coaching services. The purpose of data collection is to be able to provide services to you.

Other personal information may occur, but our processing basis is under Art. 6 GDPR Lawfulness of processing

A) Obtained valid consent
B) Necessary to fulfill an agreement 
C) Necessary to fulfill a legal obligation 
F) Legitimate consent (use of data processor from external suppliers)

Processing of personal data will follow the Personal Data Act / Privacy Scheme (GDPR) use of personal data.

What is processed and how do I collect personal information

I collect personal information in these categories, and you will always decide for yourself what information you want to share. Some basic information is needed for me to be able to provide a good service to you;

  • Basic information such as name, address and date of birth as well as ways to contact you, eg e-mail or telephone number.
  • Communication between us eg e-mail dialogue or other dialogue related to the delivery of coaching services.
  • I collect personal information mainly via contact forms on the website, google forms, e-mail, telephone, text message and messages via social media. Other forms of communication may also occur.
  • Payment information is handled by the payment provider Stripe and is subject to their privacy statement. You choose whether you want to store card information with the payment provider.
  • Data collected is collected with your consent.


Do I share personal information with others?

Some sharing of personal information is necessary (some also mandatory) to be able to run the business. These will typically be IT providers (eg web hosting, e-mail, software and cloud-based services), accounting / auditing, consulting and statutory reporting to authorities.

The website is hosted by kajabi In addition, I use the data processing services of Kajabi, Google, Calendly,  Monday, Fiken. I am in good faith that these data processing services follow the GDPR legislation ref. The link DPA and privacy statement.


Security of personal information

I take security seriously and take care of personal information in the best possible way so that unauthorized persons do not gain access or have the opportunity to change and influence the personal information. I only use reputable IT vendors and software.


Insight and correction

Pursuant to section 18 of the Personal Data Act, you are entitled to access the information that has been registered. Access to your own data can be obtained by sending a written inquiry to Andrea Altier, [email protected] . If the registered information is not correct or it is incomplete, you can demand that it be corrected in accordance with section 27 of the Personal Data Act.


Storage and deletion

Pursuant to section 28 of the Personal Data Act, information that is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is stored shall be deleted. Andrea Altier stores personal information about customers in accordance with current Norwegian / European legislation.

You can at any time demand the deletion of all personal information I have about you with the exception of information that is necessary or obligatory to keep in line with current regulations, eg the Accounting Act.

If you do not want to receive emails from me anymore, click the cancellation link that you usually find at the bottom of every email you receive from me. If you want to be deleted from all systems, send me an email at [email protected] 


Use of cookies

In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act - § 2-7 b. Use of cookies I am obliged to inform about which cookies I use. The website uses cookies obtained on the kajabi platform and as described here: Cookie Notice