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I enable and unpack what
makes you shine

Are you seeking a new kind of Agile Leadership? 

I understand the stress, disconnection, and inefficiency that you and your leadership team encounters. I am here to guide you and your leadership team toward a culture of flow, collaboration and learning. Taking a more conscious approach to your leadership and in your life. Together we embrace a new kind of leadership that is not only purpose-driven and conscious, but  also deeply aligned with the life you dream of - a leadership that is wholehearted in every way.  

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1:1 Coaching

Guiding You to Shine.  Providing personalised coaching to guide individuals on their journey to personal growth and empowerment.

Group Coaching

Enable Trust and Growth in Your Team. Empowering leaders to build trust, achieve better team dynamics and grow through group coaching sessions.


Unpack Your Potential. Enabling individuals to discover and develop their potential through self-guided and group coaching experiences.  

Transformational Leadership Coach 

Hi, I’m Andrea!
Empowering a new kind of Agile Leadership and Radical Collaboration®. Coaching for a more conscious approach to life and leadership.  Transformational Leadership Coach, Agile and Radical Collaboration® Trainer.

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In-House Training  

Empower Your Team to Flow Through Collaboration and Learning.  

Through a series of experiential learning labs you develop attitudes, skills and a mindset for increasing flow, learning and collaboration in and across Teams in Organisations. 

"Coaching with Andrea is like opening all registers in your system to be fully present so you can use all your brainpower to really understand yourself."

- Senior Manager, Yara

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The best option for you depends on your context and your current situation. 

Fill out my form and I will reach out to help you find your best next step. 


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