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I enable and unpack what makes you shine 






I enable and unpack
makes you shine 


Are you a Tech Leader or Entrepreneurial Spirit ready to lead with heart and clarity? 

Do you understand the impact stress and disconnection has on you? Let me guide you to align deeply with your core values and develop a leadership style that is authentically yours. 

Leadership is about more than professional growth; it is about building resilience, emotional agility and living a life that is fully aligned with who you are.

Embrace a wholehearted leadership journey where you can truly be yourself. It starts with value-aligned leadership, authentic collaborations, and enhancing your emotional agility.

Discover how you can do this by joining our next Radical Collaboration® Retreat, or discover how individual coaching with me can support your unique personal and professional needs.  

Are you ready to lead with purpose and passion? 

Join Radical Collaboration® 9-11th of October
Leadership Coach and Life Coach Andrea Altier,  Leadership coaching for Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurial Spirits who want to have clarity on who they are and how they lead and become confident, influential leaders that deliver more of what is needed with less effort. Or, Life Coaching for professionals that want to find their purpose and mission through Conscious Leadership.

Online 1:1 Coaching

Leadership & Life Coaching

I coach Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurial Spirits who wants to position themselves for the future.
If you are just starting out your leadership journey, already are an experienced leader, or an entrepreneurial spirit that wanting to get fit for YOUR future I invite you to explore further if we are a good fit to work together.
I advocate for creating more space in Leadership for warm qualities, real diversity, inclusion and a non-judgemental mindset where everyone dares to be themselves. 

I coach in Norwegian, English and I speak Spanish.

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Agile Mindset Training - Flow, Learning and Radical Collaboration with Andrea Altier

In-House Training  

Agility Through  Flow, Learning and Collaboration

Experiential Learning for Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurial Spirits  that want to build high-performing and effective teams that understand how agility can be achieved in their context. Learn how an interconnected set of practices influence Flow, Collaboration, and Learning. Add leadership training to improve internal collaboration and build psychological safety through emotional agility. 
Conscious Leaders - Circle of Friends Community - Andrea Altier

Radical Collaboration®

Value-aligned Leadership

We have entered a Technology Super Cycle driven by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and BioTechnology.  Similar to the Industrial Revolution, triggered by the introduction of the steam engine, we can expect huge changes moving forward.
What does this mean for you? 
We believe now is the time to connect to your creative energies, to claim your space, and position yourself for the future, whatever it may hold.

When you truly know and trust yourself, you embody the confidence to lead others with ease.

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Transformational Coach 

Hi, I’m Andrea Altier,
a Transformational Coach and an Agile and Radical Collaboration® Trainer. 
My passion is guiding you towards embracing wholehearted and conscious leadership. Whether you are looking for impactful training, deep transformational coaching, or a nurturing community, I am here to support your journey - helping you shine as the leader you were meant to be.



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"Coaching with Andrea is like opening all registers in your system to be fully present so you can use all your brainpower to really understand yourself."

- Senior Manager, Yara


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