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I love enabling and unpacking what makes you shine 

Transformational Coaching 

Change is hard. It's even harder when we try to do it alone. 

Giving yourself a safe space where you can develop yourself is liberating. Allow yourself more alignment, integrity, confidence and vulnerability while creating a sustainable work-life balance with less stress and more focus on what is important to you. 

I partner with you to support you in getting the results that you want. You are ready to work with a coach when you are willing to wholeheartedly commit to and invest in yourself. 

Personal Purpose & Fulfillment

Take yourself to the next level


Individual coaching for Successful High Performers that prefer a confidential one-on-one working relationship to get the highest level of support you need to get out of stuckness, stop holding yourself back and get rid of unwanted patterns. 

You will get access to online tools that you can use between sessions to reach your unique goals when you join the Personal Purpose & Fulfillment coaching program. 


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Conscious Leadership

Take your leadership to the next level


The Conscious Leadership Program is for Successful High Performers who understand the value of human capital and are ready to take their leadership to the next level. 

We will teach you techniques to influence effortlessly, get clear on your goals, get rid of limiting beliefs, break free from unwanted patterns and create the (work)life you love.


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Transformational Coach Andrea Altier

Hi, I’m Andrea!
I help successful high performers through a personal transformation so that they can be conscious leaders aligned with their purpose

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"Coaching with Andrea is like opening all registers in your system to be fully present so you can use all your brainpower to really understand yourself."

- Senior Manager, Yara

Radical Collaboration ® 

Most workplaces lack the skills needed for effective collaboration. This leads to a lot of wasted time and resources, less creativity, lower trust, longer lead times and overall a less thriving environment. 

The Radical Collaboration® methodology can help you skillfully solve conflict of interest, create a collaborative working environment and build high-trust relationships. When workplaces have these skills they are able to be more agile, innovative and efficient.

Join us for our 3-day workshop where you will learn how to apply the Radical Collaboration® methodology in your workplace so that you can achieve increased agility, innovation and efficiency.


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We think better when we are relaxed. With too much work in progress, constant stress and back-to-back meetings, this is my gift to you. Take a break, reduce your stress, and experience that new solutions become accessible to you after just a few minutes of relaxation. I will also add you to my mail-list for occasional e-mails to keep in touch. If you have a question for me, feel free to add it and I will get back to you.

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