Radical Collaboration®

Through this immersive training, you will learn how to embody principles of trust, collaboration and open communication.
Radical Collaboration empowers leaders like yourself to influence effortlessly and cultivate a culture of collaboration that drives sustainable success.

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Why Now?

We have entered a Technology Super Cycle driven by Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and BioTechnology. 
Similar to the Industrial Revolution, triggered by the introduction of the steam engine, we can expect huge changes moving forward.

What does this mean for you? 

We believe Now is the time to connect to your creative energies, to claim your space, and position yourself for the future, whatever it may hold.

When you truly know and trust yourself, you embody the confidence to lead others with ease.

Ready to get fit for YOUR future

What is Radical Collaboration?

Radical Collaboration® is an immersive learning experience for value-driven leaders who want to build meaningful connections and cultivate environments where everything feels like Flow

Whether you are just starting on your leadership journey, you’re already an experienced leader or you’re an entrepreneurial spirit looking for better Flow in your everyday life, this 3-day training teaches you the essential skills you need to lead in a way that feels true to who you are while also delivering remarkable results. 

Radical Collaboration® is taught worldwide and is used in large international companies, one of them being Yara which Andrea has facilitated an in-house leadership development program for. Radical Collaboration® has been life-changing for many participants, including your facilitators, and we would love to share our knowledge and help you feel confident and competent not only in your profession, but in your leadership role as well ✨

The program is developed by Jim Tamm and Ron Luyet. Powered by The Human Element, and is a registered trademark Licensed by RC Group LLC

What will you learn?

✔️ Value-aligned leadership
✔️ Effective tools to deal with imposter syndrome
✔️ Authentic collaboration and negotiation skills
✔️ Conflict resolution skills

Strengthen your confidence by deepening your competence with Radical Collaboration.

Are you ready to join us in Norway at amazing Farris Bad to reset and transform your leadership?  


Andrea Altier

Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer in 2022.  Andrea is an experienced team and leadership coach with training in trauma healing. She is specialised  in facilitating organisational and personal transformational change to overcome systemic blockers, and limiting behavioural, mental or emotional patterns. 


Helene Gelius Skyberg

Certified Radical Collaboration® Trainer in 2024 and will co-facilitate this training with Andrea Altier.
A former music executive, Helene is an experienced brand builder, with a diverse background spanning concept development, project management, social media, marketing, and, in more recent years, astrology and coaching, where we focus on empowerment through self-accountability and conscious choice.

3-day Radical Collaboration® Retreat in Norway

9th-11th of October 2024

Investment: 26 900 NOK | 2 300 EUR excl.vat.*  
Deadline for signing up: 10th of August 2024

*Includes accomodation and meals at Farris Bad  a unique seaside resort at Larvik, near Oslo, Norway. Arrival on the first day of the course. Group dinner on day one and two of the course to allow for for further networking for the participants.


We are looking forward to three amazing days full of transformative learning experiences. For this course we will facilitate in english. This allows for a diverse and inclusive environment, whether you are from Norway or joining us from any other location.  

Sign-up now by completing the form below, or sending your contact details to [email protected]. Please include: Full name, phone number, e-mail, address, invoice recipient (+code), company, role, and food preferences for each participant upon signing up.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have been registered as a participant.

Time Schedule:
Day 1: 09:00-18:00
Day 2: 08:30-18:00 
Day 3: 08:30-15:30


Welcome ✨

Warm Regards,
Andrea & Helene


*Terms and conditions: Cancellation is made in writing and is free of charge up to 60 days before the course. After this, the entire course and conference fee is not refunded. Total cost for the course includes course and conference cost included accomodation for all participants, regardless of whether you choose to stay at the hotel. Any travel cost is at your own expence. We reserve the right to cancel if there are too few participants or if unforeseen situations arise, for example illness of an instructor. In this case, new dates will be offered. Note! You will receive an email to confirm your registration and to receive emails. Read Privacy statement regarding data processing and personal information (Link at the bottom of the page)

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