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Radical Collaboration ®

For building psychological safety, strengthen relationships and improve collaboration  


There will always be a conflict of interest in an organization, you might experience this as friction within a team or across teams in an organization. Sometimes different opinions can lead to conflicts that create tension in the organization.

Unresolved conflicts in organizations or hidden conflicts are one of the main challenges in organizations and they can create inefficiency and stress in relationships.

This program strengthens your ability, knowledge, and insight into what causes conflicts and how to avoid and resolve them.

This 3-day program in Radical Collaboration is developed by Jim Tamm and Ron Luyet and is a registered trademark of RC Group LLC

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Your Team

You experience frustration in your team

People disengage and don`t speak up until after the meeting

At times there is tension and unresolved conflicts between team members 

You have important deadlines to reach, and really need to get things right and you are willing to take the needed steps to get there 

There is interest in creating an improvement culture and making things even better, you are just not sure how


What you want

Create a culture and environment that is collaborative, positive, and fun

Build trust and trusting relationships

Create an environment where difficult conversations happen

Reduce unresolved conflicts

Establish collaborative relationships that increase your ability to deliver

Create win-win solutions


Who is this for?

This program is for anyone that intends to build psychological safety, reduce conflict situations and increase collaboration in their work environment.  

If you are a leader or consultant that want to create a culture where people feel valued, trusted and competent and do not fear "the difficult conversation", and are capable of resolving their conflicts in a way that also builds good relationships, then this is the training for you! 

In this program you lay the foundation for building high-performing teams with the skills required for effective teamwork. 

It is valuable for individuals, within teams and across teams that frequently interact with each other and are dependent on one-another to deliver. 

Want to strengthen relationships and increase collaboration in your organization? 


In this training you learn the skills you need to build strong collaborative relationships that brings out the best in people, when conflict happens you will know how to resolve them.

Participants of this training learn five essential skills to overcome defensiveness and build successful relationships so that they can build trusting and long-term relationships between individuals and groups/teams within an organization.

This training can be delivered in English or Norwegian as a full 3-day offsite event for your team or organization. Open courses where you individually sign up are primarily in Norwegian and announced on this page.  

Send me a message if you have any questions or want to discuss options for you and your team.

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