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Hi, I’m Andrea!

It`s all about process, when we grow we have more to give to others

I have coached teams, team leaders, and managers in organizations that are highly distributed and global with a multi-cultural environment. In my role as coach I have contributed in their Digital Transformation journey toward business agility. If you want to know more about my work, see my full CV here

Today, I help Successful High Performers with their growth.  I am energized by people that are curious,  open, and willing to self-explore, develop their wholeheartedness and build a collaborative culture. 

I will partner with you and meet you where you are in private one-to-one coaching sessions or in group coaching. 

In individual sessions I use a range of tools in addition to the Co-Active Model to facilitate change.

Malou Laureys has developed the Transformational Keys® Facilitation Model which I use to support you to get out of unwanted patterns and create deep lasting change. To learn where to focus your effort so that you develop your potentials and Purpose I use Astrology for psychological development.  

It gives me energy and joy when I can support others through their Transformation so that they can increase their confidence, feel empowered and get more energy, balance, and joy in life.


Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Why should you work with me?

I believe that we all have a Purpose and that when we align with that Purpose we experience flow


When I started understanding universal laws, principles and how we can use objective tools such as our birth chart as a navigation system to work on our development potentials and align with our purpose, my own purpose became very clear to me and I understood that my purpose is to unpack what makes you shine so that you can create a life that you love. This is what I love to do! 

I use a unique combination of coaching and experiential techniques so that you can find your real goals and experience flow. I love using visualization and inner journeys to accelerate your progress. There is no reason to hold on to limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

I believe that we create the next generation sustainable businesses when we embrace and accept the wholeness of who we are. It will always start and end with the individual and its ability to navigate the whole. 


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