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Hi, I’m Andrea!

"It`s all about process, when we grow we have something to give to others"

I have coached teams, team leaders, and managers in organizations that are highly distributed and global with a multi-cultural environment. In my role as coach I have contributed in their Digital Transformation journey toward business agility. If you want to know more about my work, see my full CV here

Today, I help committed individuals, leaders, and teams with their growth.  I am energized by people that are curious,  open, and willing to self-explore, develop their wholeheartedness and build a collaborative culture. 

I help you develop your potential, increase your self-awareness and break down your fears and limiting beliefs so that you achieve your goals and can create with more energy, balance, and joy.


I am passionate about learning, growth and wholeheartedness. I will partner with you and meet you where you are in one-on-one coaching sessions or in team coaching.

It gives me energy and joy when I can help others through their Transformation so that they can increase their confidence, feel empowered and get more energy, balance, and joy in life.

I help teams develop the skills and capabilities they need to deliver better business outcomes and achieve increased business agility.

I am a big fan of experiential learning and therefore I focus on training that gives you a full experience where you include all your senses. It is fun,  engaging, and thought-provoking. 


Why should you work with me?

"I believe in choices, that we can change our beliefs, and that we grow when we create from complete and authentic honesty "


If you are like me, you are always looking to "connect the dots" both internally and externally. For me, the "connecting-the-dots-moment" happened when I started understanding universal laws, principles and how we can use objective tools as a navigation system to work on our development potentials.

I use a unique combination of coaching and experiential techniques, in addition, I love using visualization and inner journeys to accelerate your progress and upgrade the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you into beliefs that are helpful and meaningful to you.  

I believe this fits perfectly with Agile, Business Agility, and Organisational/systemic coaching because it all starts with us as individuals. If we want to create the next generation and sustainable businesses, we need to embrace and accept the wholeness of who we are so that we can build empowered open and trusting relationships.

It will always start and end with the individual and its ability to navigate the whole. If you want to feel more energy, balance and joy in your everyday life, partnering with me as your coach will help you to speed up that process.

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