Circle of Friends

Learn and grow by joining my community of friends.


I am building a brand new Community of likeminded people that are interested in personal development and growth. 


This space is for entrepreneurial spirits and dedicated leaders who are looking for a community that not only supports their personal development but also empowers them to lead with consciousness and authenticity.


If you see yourself as a conscious leader or have an entrepreneurial mindset, and you are interested in discussing around concepts such as Radical Collaboration, The Human Element, Conscious Leadership, Personal Growth and Development in general, and Universal Principles of Reality Creation, I invite you to join.
This community is for our mutual support and benefit. It is for us who want to be more conscious leaders in our own unique way. In our everyday life, in our business, or as purposeful leaders.

You possess a genuine desire for continuous growth and the courage to introspect. Similar to me, you seek to learn and evolve by engaging with a supportive community.


Participate in monthly meetups where you can connect, build relationships, and engage in discussions within a safe space that offers a break from daily stress. 


Here, you'll have the opportunity for informal dialogues while practicing mindfulness, presence, and purpose-driven actions.  


The online meetups are designed to accommodate your schedule, lasting about an hour during lunchtime. 
I wholeheartedly encourage your ideas and contributions. Feel welcome to propose topics or share your insights, as together, we collaborate to co-create the community for everyone's benefit.

Who am I? 

Hi, I¬īm Andrea.

I host this community. It is FREE and if you are interested to join, I welcome you to an informal, inclusive and open atmosphere. 
I value Freedom, Authenticity, Openness and Integrity.  

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Get access to a unique private community where you can expand your network and get to know likeminded conscious leaders like yourself.  

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