Circle of Friends

Learn and grow by joining my community of friends.


I am building a brand new Community of likeminded people that are interested in personal development and growth. 


This space is for Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurial Spirits like you, who are looking for a community that not only supports your personal development but also allows you to expand your network. 


If you are a Tech Leader or have an Entrepreneurial Mindset, and you are interested in a monthly opportunity to connect, engage, and actively participate in practicing you leadership skills, I invite you to join.
This community is for our mutual support and benefit. It is for us who want to be part of a supportive community, and expand our network of a different kind of leaders; Conscious Leaders.

You have a genuine desire for continuous personal growth and the courage to introspect. Similar to me, you seek to learn and evolve by engaging with likeminded individuals.


I invite you to participate in monthly meetups where you can connect, build relationships, and engage in practice within a safe space that offers a break from daily stress. 


Here, you will have the opportunity for informal dialogues while practicing mindfulness, presence, and purpose-driven actions.  


The online meetups are designed to accommodate your schedule, and are scheduled every last Friday of the month at 13:00 CET.
I wholeheartedly encourage your ideas and contributions. Feel welcome to propose topics or share your insights, as together, we collaborate to co-create the community for everyone's benefit.

Who am I? 

Hi, I’m Andrea,
A Transformational Leadership Coach and Agile and Radical Collaboration¬ģ Trainer specializing in empowering Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurial Spirits.


My mission is to guide you through meaningful leaps towards making a lasting impact, leveraging both Agile principles and deep personal growth for transformative leadership. 
I host this community. It is FREE and is a place to engage in real conversations. I am looking forward to welcoming you to an informal, inclusive and open atmosphere. 
My core values are Freedom, Authenticity, Openness and Integrity.  

Ready to participate?



Get access to a unique private community where you can expand your network and get to know likeminded conscious leaders like yourself.
Monthly Meetup(s)
Last Friday of the month at 13:00 CET

The Circle of Friends Meetups are
online, live and interactive.