Welcome to The Conscious Living Circle

If you're ready to connect with other conscious people like you who are deeply committed to creating a life that they love. You're in the right place.

The Conscious Living Circle is for you that want to take your life to the next level. Get access to tools to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, break free from unwanted patterns and create the life you love.

You understand the value of a supporting community when on the quest for more love, consciousness and flow in your life. 

You want to establish or already have a conscious practice of meditation, visualization and continuous learning and now you are ready to take that next step to learn life-changing tools that will accelerate your growth. The tools that will support you to create that unity between mind, heart and gut. 

The path of individuation is a challenging one that will last for the rest of your life. You know that even if you have chosen you and your individuation you don´t need to do this on your own.


We are all connected and the impact of our work is even more powerful when we co-create in a connected, conscious and safe environment. 

As much as we are connected we are also on different paths. You are welcome to join this community for how long or short feels right for you. 


Hi, my name is Andrea Altier. I am a professional coach, therapist and trainer. I provide all the tools you need to succeed to create the life you love. 

All community members get access tools that you use at your own convenience and at your own pace, the basic tools included in your membership are; 

  • Define your Inner Leader
  • Create your life purpose statement 
  • Map out your mission (Vision + Action) 
  • Define your core values
  • Uncover your potentials 
  • Discover and let go of inherited and systemic values
  • Stay connected to yourself
  • Understand your best next step forward
  • Understand visualization and creation techniques
  • Access to live room to meet other community members
  • Access to members chat and members Q&A

This is a self-paced environment where you always choose how much or how little you use of what is made available to you. 

You will be invited to monthly facilitated meetups where we co-create a learning space based on your needs and you will learn about universal principles and tools that you can use to support your development and growth. 

You can expect regular challenges where we work on a specific topic.  Challenges are there for us to have fun, engage and support each other! 

Individual coaching packages and readings are available for members at additional cost. 

The intention is to keep the  community open and inclusive. The main language in this community is therefore English, secondary language is Norwegian.

Join The Conscious Living Circle

A community of likeminded individuals all committed to creating a life they love! 

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