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Unlock the hidden potential in your organisation with mindset training  

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" - Confucius

Transform your team's challenges into opportunities for growth with mindset training that bridges the gap between agile theory and impactful practice.

Through a series of experiential learning labs you develop a mindset for increasing flow, learning and collaboration in and across teams in your organisation. You develop an Agile Mindset.

A learning lab is a creative and experimental environment designed for the purpose of exploration, learning, and innovation. In a learning lab, participants can test hypotheses, develop new ideas, and engage in hands-on activities that foster deeper understanding and growth. 

Who is this for? 

This training is ideal for leaders and teams seeking to enhance their workflow, collaboration, and learning to achieve superior business results.

It's tailored for those aiming to cultivate a culture where every member is empowered to understand and influence outcomes through informed decision-making.

By leveraging experiential learning rather than just theory, we focus on building real-world competencies in Radical Collaboration and Agile practices through practical simulations, cases, discussions and theory.

Team Flow

Addresses the dimension of collaboration and flow, and participants learn the difference between resource versus flow efficiency. How to organize work in such a way that you can deliver better, faster, and respond to changes.

Key learnings: System of Work, Agile Capabilities Model, Kanban Principles Pre-requisite: None

Competence Flow

Addresses the axis of Collaboration and Learning. Participants learn how to work with competence development and ensure a good balance between generalist and specialist roles.

Key learnings:
Product Mindset, Team First Mindset, Competence Development, Agile Capabilities Model. Pre-requisite: Team Flow

Scaling Across Teams

Addresses the axis of flow and learning. Participants learn how to reduce uncertainty and enhance the organization's and teams' abilities to commit to deliveries through prioritization across teams.

Key learnings:
Flight Levels, System of Work on coordination and strategic level. Agile Capabilities Model. Pre-requisite: Competence Flow

Radical Collaboration¬ģ

Learn skills to build trust and create better collaboration. Exercise personal agility and create psychologically safe environments. Recognize and reduce defense mechanisms and rigidity in oneself and others, and manage conflicts effectively.

Key Learnings: 
Radical Collaboration, FIRO Theory (The Human Element), Psychological safety.

A Conscious Mindset 

A Conscious Mindset reveals the hidden potential within organizations, rooted in the personal and interpersonal dynamics of their members. Continuous change and improvement requires strong collaboration within and across teams to achieve learning and flow.

It is now understood that the psychological safety of a team profoundly influences its ability to collaborate, learn, and achieve flow. For this reason, I recommend the combination of Agile Capabilities Learning Simulations in combination with Radical Collaboration Training, to cultivate a Conscious Mindset. 

Embracing a Conscious Mindset means recognizing and actively participating in shaping a culture that allows you and the people around you to flourish.

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