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Transformational Coaching

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Develop your own personal and unique style with clarity, truthfulness, openness, and greater self-awareness. 


About You

You are resourceful, strong, with unlimited capacity and potential.

You have achieved many of your goals in life (if not all).

Right now,  you find yourself unsure about what is the next best step in your career, you know you want a change

You proactively want to plan for your next role. 

You are unhappy with your job but aren¬īt ready to leave and want to improve the situation¬†

You feel at the brink of burnout and want to re-discover your passions in life

You are experiencing symptoms such as; inner conflict, low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, sensitivity, stress, lack of balance, burnout.

You have worked on it for a while on your own, but now it feels like you need something that can help bring your out of slow progress and stuckness and forward to where you want to be.


What You Want

Wake up in the morning excited to do something you love

Live a life on your own terms

Feel good about yourself

Make conscious choices

Unpack that which makes you shine.

Create a life that is balanced, gives you energy and makes you happy 


How do you get where you want to be?

When you start working with me, I will support you in learning new skills and tools that you can use for the rest of your life. A coaching relationship is a partnership that will challenge your thought process in new ways. 

In this process you develop your own compass so that you can make decisions and choices with clarity, truthfulness, openness, and greater self-awareness.

Your Compass

Principles and Purpose

What does your inner navigation system know? 

We map out your core values,  your mission (Vision + Action).

You gain insight and improve your ability to navigate to where you want to be and who you see yourself becoming.


Your Belief System

Upgrade your belief system

What potentials are you holding back on? 

We identify fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

You learn how to expand your awareness and use more of your mental capacity.


Energy, balance and Joy

Make Conscious Choices

What do you say YES to and what do you say NO to?

We look at choices and their impact on your energy, balance and joy.

You choose new ways, so that you can feel better and better about yourself.


Book Your Session 

When you send the form below you will receive an e-mail to my calendar where you can book a session at a timing that works for you.¬†I am also available on¬†e-mail: [email protected]¬†