The Conscious Leadership Program

To influence effortlessly with inspired action

The Conscious Leadership Program is for Successful High Performers who understand the value of human capital and are ready to take their leadership to the next level.

Learn how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, break free from unwanted patterns and create the (work)life you love.


Implementing change can be challenging and leadership mastery requires constant and never ending improvement.


The Conscious Leadership Program is a 6-month Group Coaching program and training, that will assist you throughout your process, and you will be part of the Conscious Leaders Community comprised of successful high performers like yourself co-creating a safe space to share experiences, learn and grow.
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Your coach

Hi, I´m your coach Andrea Altier.


I'm a Conscious Living and Leadership expert who teaches you how to overcome the overload and stress in your personal and professional life and gain crystal-clear clarity on your purpose. Discover how to lead a more balanced and purposeful life, and make a lasting impact through my transformative coaching. 

Don't wait! Take your leadership to the next level. Now accepting waitlist applications for The Conscious Leadership Program, January 2024.



Once you apply to join the program, you'll be invited for a 30-minute call where we can discuss any questions you have. You'll also receive all the information you need about the upcoming group and will be added to the waitlist.