The Conscious Leadership Program is for Leaders ready to take their leadership to the next level.


After completing the 3-day Radical Collaboration Course® you are ready to embark on a committed journey to practice showing up as your full self. Leading with integrity and values that act as your boundaries by embodying opennes, innovation, inclusivity, and collaboration is easier with the right kind of support. 

You value a supportive environment and refuse to be controlled by circumstances or fall into the trap of unconscious patterns. You take accountability for both your conscious and unconscious choices. In essence, you embrace radical self-responsibility.  You are no different that an athlete, and you understand the value a coach brings. That is why you choose The Conscious Leadership Program for yourself and your leadership team.
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Agile Leaders are at the forefront of driving change. To effectively lead such transformations, they must be dedicated to their own continuous improvement. I suggest that taking a holistic and integrated approach to leadership is needed to transform your leadership DNA - from the inside out - and develop an increased consciousness.


The Conscious Leadership Program is open for Leadership Teams and is a Group Coaching program over 9 months founded in the principles of the Conscious Leadership Quadrant and builds on elements of the Inner Development Goals Framework. Choose how much Individual Coaching you want to add on top.
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Your coach

Hi, I´m your coach Andrea Altier.

I am a Conscious Living and Leadership expert. I guide you in mastering a holistic and integrated approach to effortless influence. I teach you how to use universal laws and principles in your everyday work and life. Through my transformative coaching, you learn how to lead a more balanced and purposeful personal and professional life and make a lasting impact. 


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Wouldn't it be great if you could navigate your leadership journey with ease, embodying authenticity, and making a lasting impact? To excel not just in your role but in creating a work(life) that nourishes your soul?
Download The Conscious Leadership Quadrant to learn more and reflect about where you are now in your leadership.