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Feb 02, 2024
I am being lived by Andrea Altier

I am, therefore I exist. 

I am, I breathe, I feel, I connect. 

I am being lived, therefore that is what I allow to be.

 Flowing through me is what wants to emerge. 

What wants to grow, what wants to exist. 

There is no other purpose than to simply exist, observe and be with what is, what wants to emerge out of that present moment. 


It is when we push that we feel the resistance. 

Flow stops, there is stagnation, no movement. 

Yet all we do is push, instead of just BE. 

BE present, BE still. 

What would it be like to just BE? 

I long for just being, with all that is. 

Allowing the energy streams to just pass before me, while I observe. Stay distant to it. not becoming it. Simply co-existing with it. 


With my own energy stream, clearing my space, so I remain in my being. Not entirely unaffected, but also not pulled into something that isn't mine. 


Is it even possible at work with that high concentration of energy? Is it even possible? 


When being lived through, all is possible, all is purposeful. We are in it and outside of it all at the same time. 


My being is like the tide, the waves and the ocean, in a rhythm and flow, predictable and at the same time unpredictable. Reliable yet sometimes harsh, sometimes mild, sometimes clear and still, We are all at the same time. There is really no beginning and no end, it is just the experience, a growth and an evolution, sometimes moving forward, sometimes moving backwards, sometimes standing still.


 Remembering to BE while experiencing and observing IS LIVING. It is being conscious and consciousness at the same time. Expanding infinitely, all while staying connected to the heart. Because in the end, love is all there is, in the now, in eternity, in life and in death. Love is expansion. 


Consciousness it is the experience of being lived. 

I am grateful, that I am, I exist, I breathe, I feel, I connect. 

I am being lived. I allow that to BE

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