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How To Create Progress Through Balance

Dec 11, 2023

Have you ever found yourself drifting with a lack of progress and balance, saying yes to too many things, and constantly lagging behind, feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and stressed out?


I recently found myself in this situation and decided it was time to clean up. The reasons I ended up in this situation this time was an increased workload. It was a reminder of the importance of prioritization for achieving balance and focus.


Prioritization is important because I know I will only succeed when I ensure there is enough focus and balance for myself. When I take care of myself and share my energy in the service of others, I develop strength because it not only strengthens me but also our relationship.


Often, we struggle with prioritization because we are too busy to take a step back and contemplate our next move, ensuring that whatever we do is a conscious choice based on strategy, skills, consistency, and structure.


I love to turn to "The Emperor" inside. You might call it your inner leader or your true self—whatever you choose to call it, it is a resource we all have available and can use whenever we need it.


The Emperor inside connects the mind, heart, and gut into self-acceptance and self-authority. You can easily access this feeling by using your imagination and taking yourself back to a time when you felt strong love and compassion, and a time when you felt completely in your own power.


Perhaps you can imagine a metaphor representing those times when you were in full self-acceptance and self-authority. This way, you can easily connect to that symbol and the feelings it carries.


I like to connect to the love I have for my children and family, which gives me access to the feelings of love and compassion. To get to the feeling of being in my own power, it could be when I have been exercising or when I have completed something important that went well.


My metaphor represents energy and light, immediately helping me connect to these feelings.


Whenever I need to make a decision, I draw upon my experience, analytical and rational thoughts, and eventually, I make up my mind. In those times, I connect to self-acceptance and self-authority and check-in: Does my heart and gut feeling align with my decision?


Ask yourself and then reflect on these questions as well:

  • What will this look like once you are done?
  • Do you clearly see what you have in mind? Write it down if you need to.
  • What is your relationship with responsibility at this time?
  • Does your decision feel stable and reliable?


Using this technique is a powerful tool to ensure that you create balance and progress in your life, especially when you need to prioritize.


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