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How my inner leader supports me

conscious living Nov 25, 2022

When I was in coach training I learned a tool that I have used almost daily since then. It is called Inner Leader and it is a perspective to help me stay in alignment with my values.


"being your authentic self is the easiest but also the hardest thing to do" - I read a similar quote and found it to be very true. Doing to me is challenging sometimes because of the influence of others. It can be the situation, the atmosphere or other aspects that disconnects me. When I notice, it is important for me to re-connect.


It is in my nature to feel doubt and insecurities, I know we all have those feelings, and I have worked on mine a great deal. It has been and continues to be work in progress, that is why I love this tool and keep connecting to my inner leader. One of the learnings I have in my work as a coach and therapist is that we need more tools like these, because doubt and insecurities takes up so much space in ourselves. 


Whenever I need I connect to a place in me where I can find my self-authority and self-acceptance. When I connect to this energy which is already in me, I feel grounded, confident and listening to my intuition. It is a good place to be, and it feels good. I know that when I connect to this energy anything is possible, the self-doubt and insecurities go away and I can make good decisions for myself.


It is useful for me to create an image of my inner leader and I have also given it a name. It is a part of me that already is there so it is more about conscious choice and a decision to make it easier for myself to go to this place whenever I need. Sometimes I need it often, sometimes I forget, but if things are really challenging or I am in complete self-doubt I connect to it.


I find it amusing that this little tool is so powerful. It feels like little dose of self-care whenever I need it and that is why I teach this to all my clients and I help them define and use this in their decision making.


When you connect to your full strength, you self-authority and self-acceptance, what choices and opportunity opens up? 


Coach, therapist and change facilitator - Andrea Altier


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