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Personal Retrospective

conscious leadership conscious living Dec 21, 2022
Photo by Jan Kopřiva

Every year I do a personal retrospective and I would like to share with you a little exercise you can do for yourself now at the end of the year. When we focus on what we have achieved and what we have learned, it can help us to look ahead. I hope you can benefit from some inspiration for your personal retrospective for this year.

Personal Retrospective

  1. What are your celebrations and achievements for the year? 
  2. What are you most happy about having done? 
  3. Were there any disappointments? 
  4. Look back at your reflections, what do you notice is most important to you? 
  5. What are you learning about yourself? 


Personal Futurespective for the coming year

While looking at your learnings:

  1. Consider how aligned you are with your truth, your values and your inner leader. Is there anything you need to say more yes or no to? 
  2. Consider your collaborations and relationships, what does strengthening relationships that are meaningful to you look like?
  3. What kind of leader are you today and one year from now? 
  4. What does choice look like to you? What choices will you make, what are you not choosing? What are the payoffs of your choices or lack of choice? 
  5. What part of you is fully expressed and what needs to be expressed more fully? What does full self-expression look like? 
  6. What awareness or understanding do you have now and what do you  need to develop? 

Idea: Look at your answers and create a vision board for the coming year and focus on what you want to create for yourself

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