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The Power of Radical Self-Responsibility

Aug 18, 2023

Imagine your life as a garden. Are you actively planting seeds and nurturing their growth? Or are you an observer in the backseat, allowing weeds to take over your space? In this blog post, we explore the concept of radical self-responsibility—an empowering mindset you can choose to make yours.

Seeds of Potential

Every challenge or problem that occurs in my life represent seeds with the potential to grow into something meaningful. If I give them the attention they deserve. I find this perspective empowering because it makes me curious. It encourages me to notice the seeds and decide which ones to nurture. I understand that without nurturing, these seeds will never grow into what they have the potential to become. 

Cultivating My Own Green Space

I used to think I didn't have a "green thumb," so I avoided plants altogether. I even leaned towards the aesthetic of concrete over greenery. But that has changed. Now, I find great joy in nurturing plants; they've become symbols of vitality in my living space. Once I realized this, I decided it was time to develop my own "green thumb." Now, tending to my plants has become a rewarding part of my daily routine.

The Power of Choice

This transformation is intriguing to me. Once I made the conscious decision to see things differently, my perspective changed. I realized that the potential for change had always been there—it was my choice all along.

Facing Difficult Conversations

Let's consider another example: the difficult conversations we often avoid. Whether it's a colleague, a friend, or a family member, the more we postpone these interactions, the more tension we create. Eventually, when we gather the courage to initiate the conversation, we often find it's not as daunting as we'd anticipated. The key takeaway? Nothing that we are fully conscious of can ever have a negative effect on us.

Conscious and Unconscious Choices

It´s the lack of consciousness and the suppressing that causes the problem. It could certainly be that the conversation itself was uncomfortable, but afterwards you would feel freedom and relief.

When you are fully aware of that you are postponing something it is a conscious choice, when you are not it is an unconscious choice. When it comes to the difficult conversation an unconscious choice could be to completely fill your calendar with a lot of work and blame the delay of the conversation on a busy schedule. If you are really honest with yourself, could you have made the time if you really wanted to have the conversation? Most likely yes.

The thing is that when we make these kinds of unconscious choices we might not be aware of it, you could ask your self right now, is there anything in my life that I am postponing?

  • What choices am I currently making that are conscious?
  • Am I completely honest with myself about all the choices I am currently making?

The Power of Self-Honest

Radical self-responsibility starts with being fully aware and honest with yourself. Sometimes, this self-honesty challenges us to step outside our comfort zones. It may demand changes that only we have the power to do.

Your Choice

So, what will you choose? Will you become the gardener of your life or remain an observer, allowing weeds to take control?


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