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transformational coaching Dec 02, 2022
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You are ready. You are ready to take your next step and actively enter a process to re-discover and re-learn about yourself in a new way. You have just entered or want to enter a new role or position. You want to develop yourself as a leader in all aspects of your life.


You are willing. You are willing to take full ownership and responsibility for your own learning and self-development. You are open to new perspectives and to challenge your current belief system. You are willing to be challenged, stay curious and take steps out of your comfort zone.


You are able. You are able to make the investment of time, money, and energy. Whether or not you are paying for coaching yourself, it is important to understand the commitment required to ‘show up’ and be fully engaged in the work of coaching. Ultimately, coaching works because you do the work.


How I can help. I will teach you tools that strengthens you and brings you clarity about things you already know but are not consciously aware of, becoming aware will help you understand your belief system so that you can choose to change it if it makes sense for you. Sometimes patterns in our life are unwanted and we want to change them, I facilitate this process so that you can get to the root causes of your patterns and actually break free of them. This process helps you make better choices both consciously and unconsciously. I love facilitating change processes through self-reflection, use of intuition, connection to your body and the use of visualizations and imagination. 


If you are an ideal client, I invite you to reach out, we might be a perfect fit to work together, let`s explore it! 


Coach, therapist and change facilitator - Andrea Altier

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