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Conscious Leadership

conscious leadership Jun 23, 2023

A Conscious Leader intentionally and effortlessly embodies openness, innovation, and collaboration. They wholeheartedly embrace radical self-responsibility, taking full accountability for both their conscious and unconscious choices.


Consciousness Matters

Consciousness matters because our mindset is shaped by what we've learned, understood, and evaluated, all happening beneath our awareness.

In a state of consciousness we have worked on both becoming deeply aware of ourselves, our choices and patterns, and we let go of attachment which makes us open to new and inspired thoughts that are innovative and in alignment with our essence.  You could say that we, in a state of consciousness are opening up to the possibilities by having a unity between our mind and our heart.

Leading from this space of consciousness is an active, purposeful choice. It is about embracing authenticity, empathy, and ethics while staying mindful of our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


Radical Self-Responsibility

As a conscious leader you take radical self-responsibility. This means that you are willing to explore deeper personal and philosophical dimensions to stay aligned with your values and your essence. You cultivate mindfulness, empathy and compassion in your everyday life.

In moving towards a conscious leadership style lies a deliberate practice of continuously getting out of your head. You know that when there is no time to think or be, your flow will be disrupted and your decisions will be unconscious and less effective, therefore you have made different kind of choices where you give yourself the space that you need to stay connected to yourself and the people around you.

This level of consciousness demands both strength and depth, especially in the face of our overwhelming everyday lives, which are often packed with back-to-back meetings and excessive work in progress. It also calls for the boldness to stand firm and, when necessary, to say 'no'.

These leaders are bold because they are not willing to compromise with their choices of being intentional, authentic, empathetic and ethical. These choices comes with some consequences. 


Choosing purpose and meaning

Living in an era where many of us enjoy a good standard of living, we inevitably start questioning our levels of fulfillment, purpose, and meaning. The status quo of working without a higher cause or sense of purpose no longer satisfies us.

The process starts with a few questions and afterwards follows a conscious choice. In between there, and long time after, there is a great amount of exploration, curiosity and growth driving you forward to where you want to be. It can be a very rewarding and meaningful path to follow. 


Community of Conscious Leaders

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